Antolín Avezuela (Madrid, 1978) began his formation on the image field at Art School #10 in Madrid, where he studied Ilustration and Graphic Arts and, after this, Graphic Advertisement. In 2006, after a stay at New York City, he moved to Barcelona to keep studying photography at Escola Grisart getting a degree on photo essay. During the last four years he has been working mainly in South East Asia, based in Bangkok, covering stories as the Umbrella Revolution(HK, 2014,) Nepal’s Earthquake(2015,) the Rohingya exodus(2012-2017,) or the overexplotation of human beings and natural resources on that area among other issues. His work has been published on international medias as TIME, Al Jazeera Magazine, Al Jazeera News, The Diplomat, South China Morning Post, South East Asia Globe,, Equal Times, Ars Magazine, El País-Planeta Futuro o PAPEL-El Mundo.