Guerrilla Nation


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The Monastery of Aids




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the last stand

After two and a half months of revolt and demands in Hong Kong, the only traces left of what could be considered the most important resistance m... See gallery

The damage done


The rugged and mountainous forests of Kachin State have been ravaged by conflict since June 2011, when hostilities... See gallery

The broken ones
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Work in progress

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Burma: 40 Year War Continues to Displace Ethnic Kachin

Tens of thousands in Burma's Kachin state have been forced from their homes as fighting continues between Burmese government forces ... See gallery

The Rohingya: Exiled in their own country


The Rohingya is a Muslim minority group living in Arakan State, a somewhat isolated region in Northwestern Burma, along the ... See gallery

Lights in the dark

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Medical commissions

Healthcare in the Saharawi camps exists mainly thanks to international humanitarian aid. Medical commissions sent from different parts of Spain come on a continuous basis.
These surgical (me... See gallery

Garbage dump in the desert

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Portrait of a people in exile
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Correfoc, playing with fire


   It is night and the lights go out. It is the signal that announces the imminent beginning. In the courtyard... See gallery